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WATCH: UConn Women’s Basketball Postgame (Houston) - 3/2/19

Geno Auriemma, Napheesa Collier, Katie Lou Samuelson and Crystal Dangerfield talk about an eventful day in Storrs.

UConn Women’s Basketball Pregame Video (Memphis) - 2/20/19

The Huskies’ slog through conference play continues.

UConn Women’s Basketball Postgame Interviews (USF) - 1/13/19

UConn head coach Geno Auriemma was not pleased with the way his team played on Sunday.

UConn Women’s Basketball Pregame Video (USF) - 1/11/19

UConn will take on a short-handed USF team Sunday at Gampel

UConn Women’s Basketball Postgame Video (Cincinnati) - 1/9/19

The UConn women played their first game at Gampel in two months and only fourth home game of the season.

WATCH: UConn Women’s Basketball Pregame Interviews (Oklahoma)

The No. 1 Huskies are set to embark on a two-game west coast road trip.

UConn Women’s Basketball Postgame Interviews (Seton Hall) - 12/8/18

Head Coach Geno Auriemma was pleased with UConn’s performance on Saturday.

UConn Women’s Basketball Pregame Interviews- Notre Dame

The Huskies will meet No. 1 Notre Dame Sunday in South Bend, IN.

UConn Women’s Basketball Postgame Interviews (DePaul) - 11/28/18

UConn head coach Geno Auriemma and Katie Lou Samuelson spoke with the media after Wednesday night’s win.

UConn Women’s Basketball Postgame Video (Vanderbilt) - 11/17/18

UConn had no problems with the SEC team from Nashville.

UConn Women’s Basketball Postgame Interviews (Ohio State) - 11/11/18

Nice season-opening win for the Huskies.

It’s More Than Just Football For Randy Edsall

Eli Thomas was one of the game captains for the Huskies on Saturday.

WATCH: UConn Women’s Basketball Pregame - Ohio State

The Huskies will kickoff their 2018-19 season on Sunday at Gampel.

WATCH: UConn Women’s Basketball Postgame (Vanguard) - 11/4/18

Geno Auriemma was none too pleased with the second team after Sunday’s exhibition win.

WATCH: UConn Women’s Basketball Pregame (Vanguard) - 11/2/18

UConn women’s basketball met with the media before the exhibition game on Sunday vs Vanguard.

WATCH: Edsall Wants More Accountability From Backup QB Marvin Washington

This is the second time this season, Marvin Washington has not made a road trip with the team.

WATCH: UConn Women’s Basketball Interviews

The media met with the team for the first time after a practice this season.

WATCH: UConn Women’s Basketball 2018 First Night Interviews

We caught up with the UConn head coach before the festivities and two players afterwards.

WATCH: Chicago Sky’s Stefanie Dolson on Gabby Williams’ Rookie Season

Dolson is already looking forward to Williams’ second year in the league.

WATCH: UConn Football Coach Randy Edsall Sours on New Redshirt Rule

The Huskies will sit a handful of freshmen for the rest of the season to preserve their redshirts.

UConn Men’s Basketball: Dan Hurley Searching for Leadership

The new head coach wants his two top guards to step up off the court.

WATCH: UConn’s Darrian Beavers Likes Move To Defensive Line

Randy Edsall hopes Beavers can follow in the footsteps of another undersized defensive lineman, Trevardo Williams.

WATCH: Edsall Hoping Youth on Defense Pays Off Later

The Huskies are playing mostly freshmen and sophomore on defense.

WATCH: UConn Football’s James Atkins, A Dedicated Student-Athlete

Despite missing multiple practices a week, Atkins still makes an impact on the field.

WATCH: Randy Edsall Discusses Standout Players And Next Steps

After some players shined in the loss against UCF, Edsall discusses what needs to happen for a better result against Boise State.

WATCH: UConn’s Napheesa Collier Learning With USA Basketball

The Huskies senior is just one of two college players on the USA Basketball preliminary World Cup roster.

WATCH: Randy Edsall Wants to Make UConn Football’s Freshmen Uncomfortable

The coaching staff wants their freshmen to learn how to deal with adversity.

WATCH: Randy Edsall Discusses Longest Road Trip In Program History

It’s long way from Storrs to Boise, Idaho.

WATCH: Edsall Speaks on Kevin Mensah’s Comments After the UCF Game

Edsall wishes the running back handled his emotions postgame a little bit differently.

WATCH: UConn’s Randy Edsall On Defensive Changes and Line Play

The scheme may have changed, but this young unit still showed glimpses of its potential.

UConn Football Reliant on Young Leaders This Season

The Huskies are very young this season across the board.

WATCH: Former Players React to UConn-Tennessee Reboot

While the most active Huskies and Lady Vols never played in the game, they’re still excited to see it back.


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