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The ConFLiCT

UConn football’s future schedules likely to include AAC teams

Head coach Randy Edsall discussed the possibility of scheduling AAC opponents in the future, the team’s improving health and more.

Conflicted: Part One - The Creation of the Civil Conflict Rivalry

The first part in our short-form documentary series chronicles the origins of the Civil Conflict and the start of Bob Diaco’s tenure at UConn.

All-Time, All-Sport ConFLiCT Standings

Bob Diaco intended the ConFLiCT to be strictly football, but why limit it?

The UConn Blog Presents a ConFLiCT Rivalry Video Series

Check out the trailer here.

Conflict T-Shirts Are Here!

Some say the rivalry is dead. We say it’s just getting started.

Bob Diaco Took His Antics (and Lies) to Nebraska

Bob Diaco makes the dubious claim that he’s always accountable.

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VIDEO: UConn's Diaco Doesn't Understand Scrutiny about "conFLiCT"

With the "conFLiCT" becoming a national punchline and not in a good way for the UConn Huskies football program, head coach Bob Diaco doesn't understand why all the scrutiny is on him. He tries to explain in the video.

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New UCF Head Coach Scott Frost on the UConn Rivalry


The UConn Pod: Football, MBB Recruiting, and More

The one where Tim compares UCF to Benjamin Button.

FINAL: UConn Destroys UCF in The Conflict

The #ConFLiCT lacked drama today as the Huskies obliterated the UCF Knights in Orlando to advance to 3-3.

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WATCH: Bob Diaco explains the ConFLiCT at AAC Media Day

Stroll down memory lane to hear Bob Diaco and George O'Leary both address the #ConFLiCT rivalry before the season started. It gets absolutely hilarious towards the end. Fast forward to 11:39 remaining for the beginning. "Let the most offended person design the trophy, or no're not gonna tell me how I'm gonna talk to my team and energize my team." #ConFLiCT #InBobWeTrust

Diaco Doesn't Care About Your ConFLiCT Opinions

Bob Diaco doesn't care at all about your opinion on the Civil Conflict, and he thinks UConn can go 12-0 this season.

In Defense of the Civil Conflict

Stop being embarrassed so easily.

The Civil Conflict: It's On Now!

Bob Diaco was not joking. UConn and UCF are now competing for a trophy in a game that will be called "The Civil Conflict."