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Depth Chart: UConn football Week 2 vs. Georgia State

Some changes in the secondary for the Huskies this week.

Ian Bethune/The UConn Blog

The UConn Huskies are getting ready to travel to Atlanta to face the Georgia State Panthers. On Tuesday, we got a look at the depth chart for the week.

The main changes were at cornerback and free safety. At corner, D’Mon Brinson has been elevated to a starter role over Armauni Archie and at FS Malik Dixon-Williams is injured so Stan Cross is in his place.

Otherwise, the seven TEs are all there, the RBs and WRs look the same, and the defensive front seven is intact. UConn can take solace in the fact that it goes into Week 2 of this season a lot healthier than Week 2 of last year.


2 Joe Fagnano
6 Ta’Quan Roberson
11 Zion Turner

Running back
1 Devontae Houston
22 Victor Rosa OR
4 Brian Brewton

Tight end
17 Justin Joly OR
86 Alex Honig OR
14 Nick Harris OR
81 Louis Hansen OR
80 Rayonte Brown OR
83 Brandon Niemenski OR
87 Bo Estes

Z receiver
10 Brett Buckman
16 Kevens Clercius

F receiver
7 Cam Ross
13 James Burns
84 Jacob Flynn

X receiver
3 Geordon Porter
18 Kylish Hicks

Left tackle
71 Valentin Senn
79 Danny Antolovich

Left guard
62 Noel Ofori-Nyadu
58 Kyle Juergens

51 Yakiri Walker OR
67 Christopher Fortin

Right guard
64 Christian Haynes
70 Jake Stewart

Right tackle
75 Chase Lundt
77 Ben Murawski


Defensive end
90 Pryce Yates
56 Carter Hooper

Nose tackle
96 Dal’Mont Gourdine
93 Raashaan Wilkins

Defensive tackle
99 Sokoya McDuffie OR
97 Jelani Stafford
92 Tim Passmore

Defensive End
95 Eric Watts
91 Colin McCarthy

SAM linebacker
15 Tui Faumuina-Brown
17 Kevon Glenn

MIKE linebacker
8 Jackson Mitchell
0 Eriq Gilyard

WILL linebacker
22 Noah Plack
23 Alfred Chea
12 Amir Renwick

Right cornerback
3 D’Mon Brinson
6 Mumu Bin-Wahad

Strong safety
2 Durante Jones
21 Lee Molette III

Free safety
4 Stan Cross
7 Chris Shearin

Left cornerback
14 Malcolm Bell
5 Armauni Archie


84 Joe McFadden
17 Noe Ruelas

Long snapper
44 Nilay Upadhyayula
46 Zach Christinat

42 George Caratan

42 George Caratan
40 Bruno Perlicki

Kick returner
4 Brian Brewton
1 Devontae Houston

Punt returner
10 Brett Buckman
1 Devontae Houston