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There’s a new Jonathan in town

Behold, Jonathan XV.

On Wednesday morning, UConn fans received the news about a new member of the family: Jonathan XV, the next live Husky mascot.

Succeeding our dear friend Jonathan XIV, who arrived on the scene in 2014, the two Jonathans will be working together until the eventual retirement of Jonathan XIV.

This news may be sad for people who remember Jonathan XIV as a young pup, but the ol’ fella is turning 10 years old in October and ready for his next adventure.

Jonathan XV received a warm welcome from Husky Nation and the greater community including Governor Ned Lamont, and the Twitter accounts of the Big East, and other live dog mascots, and we already have some great photos of him with the men’s and women’s basketball teams.

From UConn, we learned some more details about the newest member of the athletic department:

“Jonathan XV was part of a six-puppy litter born in Atwood, Ontario, Canada on April 19, and was picked up by handlers on June 17 – which happens to be National Mascot Day — and brought back to Connecticut.

Currently about the size of a well-fed house cat, Jonathan XV is a fast learner who’s been picking up behavioral queues from Jonathan XIV, though he’s chattier than his big brother.”

Women’s basketball head coach/living legend Geno Auriemma also approves.

“An absolutely beautiful dog...He wants to win. I like him,” Geno said at Wednesday night’s Coaches Roadshow in Branford.