7 Basketball Training Equipment for College Students

Basketball requires a unique combination of athletic prowess, technique, and court sensitivity. As a college student who wishes to have a successful career in the sport, you need to put these elements of the game together while enjoying the sport. However, another important thing that would make you excel in the sport is getting the right gear and equipment.

It makes an enormous difference to have the appropriate equipment. As a sportsman, you want to ensure that you’re working hard and smart when pursuing your goals. Doing so is heavily reliant on the equipment at your disposal. If you want to be able to play basketball at a pro level such as the NBA, you need the right preparation.

When it comes to basketball training facilities, there seem to be lots of options to choose from. Before we look into these options, with the NBA playoffs just around the corner, savvy punters are advised to visit their favorite sportsbooks to get the updated NBA lines before placing their bets.

Essential Basketball Training Equipment for College Players

The dream of every college basketball player is to make it to premier competitions like the NBA. To achieve this goal, here are some of the top seven basketball training equipment that will help you improve.

1. Ball Hog Gloves

The concept behind ball hog gloves is to make it very hard to handle the basketball while wearing the gloves. That way, when you're in a game and don't have the gloves on, you'll have much more grip. Using ball hog gloves can improve your ball-handling skills and grasp.

2. Skipping Rope

Boxing and other mixed martial arts are more frequently associated with a jump rope. Boxers use skip rope to improve their quick feet, endurance, and synchronization, and this equipment can be useful for basketball players also.

Doing similar conditioning workouts repeatedly becomes tedious for athletes after a while. A skipping rope is a low-cost tool that can be used to introduce a novel approach to developing the conditioning of a basketball player. The small outlay will be well worth it. You can also use a jump rope to work on several in-game movement patterns with the proper exercise routine.

3. Agility Ladder

Footwork is essential in basketball, regardless of status. The agility ladder is an effective way to enhance a player's footwork. You can perform numerous footwork variations with an agility ladder to explore and enhance the quality of your footwork.

So, as a beginner who’s still trying to develop various aspects of your game, agility ladders are extremely beneficial.

4. Elevation Training Mask

This mask is a cross-training device, but it’s particularly effective for improving a player's endurance. The purpose of the mask is to replicate high-altitude circumstances, forcing the athlete to optimize their respiration.

Since playing basketball at the top level requires a bit of endurance, this tool can be really useful for a college player. When the frame is removed, the player will be able to breathe normally and, ideally, run faster and farther. These are great attributes for a basketball player.

5. Baden SkilCoach Heavy Trainer Rubber Basketball

Everybody wants to improve their capacity to shoot the ball from a distance. If that's your primary objective, this massive trainer rubber basketball might be what you're looking for. It's an official-sized basketball, although it’s heavier than the regular basketball.

Trying to shoot with a thicker basketball will help you gain strength and improve your range. The ball is extremely long-lasting and can be used on interior and exterior courts. This thick ball can help with throw, expanding muscular strength, and a variety of other essential skills and improve your shooting skills and scope.

This ball comes in two sizes. The first measures 28.5 inches in diameter and weighs approximately 36-40 ounces, while the other measures 29.5 inches in diameter and weighs 40-45 ounces. Many approved basketballs are half the weight of this practice ball. With this ball, you can perform drills and improve your passing force.

Aside from that, this ball helps build the wrists, upper arms, and fingertips. Practicing regularly with this weighted ball will result in more vibrant and speedier dribbles.

6. PowerHandz Gloves

The PowerHandz Gloves are aimed at getting the ball controller to step outside of their normal routine and work on developing their handles.

These gloves are balanced and have a non-slip surface. The weighted gloves will aid in the development of a slightly faster grip, while the smooth surface of the gloves will contribute to the formation of better ball skills.

7. Resistance Bands

Resistance bands are excellent for practicing powerful movements that can be transferred to a game. Using these tools, you can practice blowing by an opposing player, spinning to cut off an offensive player, and other game-related rhythms.

The Bottom Line

Every time you walk into the basketball court, you strive to be the best player you can be. While it’s good that you wish to be good at your sport, there are essential things you could be doing to keep improving your abilities.

Practicing with the various equipment listed above will help you improve your play on the court and save your coach some time. Identify the craft you want to improve and locate the appropriate training aid to assist you. After a while, you’ll realize some improvements in your overall game, taking you a step closer to your dreams.