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The UConn Pod: Football Therapy - Part II

A week after discussing a disappointing loss, we’re discussing an even more disappointing loss and the fact that the head coach is gone.

Ian Bethune/The UConn Blog

Last week, after UConn lost 45-0 to Fresno State to open the season, The UConn Pod wondered out loud if things were as bad as 2019 or if the Huskies still had a chance to reach some sort of success this year.

This week, head coach Randy Edsall is out after a disastrous, embarrassing loss to Holy Cross, an FCS school that should never be beating UConn at football. The last time UConn as an FBS program lost to an FCS school was against Towson in 2013. On both occasions, it became apparent the Huskies needed a new leader.

So UConn is forging ahead with a coaching search while defensive coordinator Lou Spanos serves as interim head coach. The Huskies will need to find a way to salvage some sort of respectability this season, which is still possible given some of the future opponents on the schedule.

On this week’s podcast, Aman, Dan, and Daniel discuss the disappointment of this young season, review the past four years of the Randy Edsall Experience, and also what Edsall’s legacy may be as possibly the best and worst coach in program history.