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UConn Football Depth Chart & Breakdown For Fresno State Bulldogs

Much to our surprise, UConn released a two-deep depth chart for the season opener.

Ian Bethune/The UConn Blog

The last time UConn football was in action, back in the 2019 season, head coach Randy Edsall stopped using a traditional weekly depth chart in favor of a list of names with no set hierarchy of starters or backups.

We don’t need to argue about the merits of this approach or the traditional one, but let’s just say as fans and people who cover the team, we’re glad to have this information so we can better understand what’s going on with this very unsettled roster, in anticipation of their first live football game in almost two years.

The full depth chart is below, along with some of our observations. Feel free to share your own in the comments!

  • Hardly a surprise to see the “OR” situation at quarterback, where Steven Krajewski OR Jack Zergiotis are the named starters under center. Edsall has said the position is unsettled and it remains to be seen who the full-time starter is, though it’s believed Zergiotis (who many people have taken to calling “Swaggy Z”) will get the first drive. Expect to see the competition last for a few weeks at least, as I doubt someone will do well enough to secure the job in this Fresno State game.
  • Gotta be pretty happy with how the O-line and D-line look strength and depth-wise. Given how much UConn has been manhandled in the past, this is at least a good sign that maybe the Huskies won’t be dominated on both sides of the ball. As they say, the game is won and lost in the trenches. For a long time, UConn was losing there, and at least we can say with some confidence that the outlook is better now.
  • Defensive back is really, really uncertain. While the receiver and quarterback positions, and really this team as a whole, are in the same boat, the situation in the secondary is most worrisome. [John Madden voice] In the game of football today, it is REALLY important to have a good pass defense. These DBs have size and potential, but very little experience. The defensive front seven will be better than previous years, so that’s why we have hope for a better overall unit, but the breakdowns in the passing game may be plentiful while these youngsters take their lumps. On the plus side, everyone on the depth chart has at least a year of eligibility remaining and most have more than one.
  • At receiver, the only given is that Cam Ross, the most productive pass-catcher on the 2019 team by a lot, will play a big role. After that, it was a pretty big question mark. Now we at least know that Heron Maurisseau, Kevens Clercius, and Keelan Marion are at least the ones that Edsall sees as the next best options.
  • If there’s a group that I have the highest hopes for, it’s the defensive front seven. Travis Jones, Lwal Uguak, and Kevon Jones are formidable presences who have been with the program for some time, and at linebacker Omar Fortt, Ian Swenson, and DJ Morgan (listed as a backup) are the same. They have a lot of depth and promise and if they can be that unit that takes a big step forward despite the time off, this could be a much better team than people anticipate, at least defensively.


74 Ryan Van Demark, Sr., 6071, 304 7
2 Rayonte Brown, r-Fr., 6064, 291

50 Dylan Niedrowski, r-So., 6055, 311
71 Valentin Senn, r-Fr., 6070, 310

53 Sidney Walker, Jr., 6020, 286
51 Peter Rooney Jr., r-So., 6053, 292

64 Christian Haynes, r-So., 6024, 298
62 Noel Ofori-Nyadu, r-So., 6022, 295

75 Chase Lundt, r-Fr., 6071, 300
77 Robby Rochester, Fr., 6046, 276

81 Jay Rose, Sr., 6035, 253
80 Jayce Medlock, So., 6016, 232

26 Nate Carter, Fr., 5095, 194
28 Brian Brewton, Fr., 5065, 166

34 Kevin Mensah, Sr., 5092, 202
30 Robert Burns, Gr., 5110, 220

7 Cam Ross, So., 5096, 176
86 Kevens Clercius, 6026, 205

3 Heron Maurisseau, r-So., 5102, 189
1 Keelan Marion, Fr., 6004, 197

8 Steven Krajewski, r-So., 6037, 216 OR
11 Jack Zergiotis, So., 6012, 212


95 Eric Watts, So., 6054, 275
93 Pierce Devaughn, r-So., 6027, 268

57 Travis Jones, Jr., 6050, 333
96 Dal’mont Gourdine, r-Fr., 6040, 295

98 Lwal Uguak, Jr., 6040, 280
68 Justin Moore, r-Fr., 6031, 283

48 Kevon Jones, Jr., 6022, 247
94 Nick Harris, Fr., 6061, 245

6 Ian Swenson, r-Jr., 6016, 216
29 Jordan Morrison, r-So., 6013, 207

27 Omar Fortt, Sr., 6005, 212
41 D.J. Morgan, Gr., 6020, 226

43 Jackson Mitchell, So., 6022, 229
33 Hunter Webb, r-So., 6010, 227


2 Myles Bell, So., 6004, 180 OR
7 Tre Wortham, Jr., 6007, 202

31 Malik Dixon, r-Fr., 6010, 192 OR
19 Durante Jones, Fr., 6007, 186

8 Jalon Ferrell, r-So., 6020, 208 OR
3 Diamond Harrell, Sr., 6021, 205

21 Jeremy Lucien, Jr., 6015, 192
17 Stan Cross, Fr., 5100, 185


84 Joe McFadden, Fr., 5093, 186
97 Noe Ruelas, Fr., 6012, 185

99 Haydn Kerr, Fr., 6023, 192 OR
84 Joe McFadden, Fr., 5093, 186

53 Brian Keating, Sr., 6003, 225
59 Nilay Upadhyayula, Fr., 5111, 222

7 Cam Ross, So., 5096, 176
89 Jahkai Gill, So., 5065, 168

28 Brian Brewton, Fr., 5065, 166 OR
25 Devontae Houston, Fr., 5097, 163

8 Steven Krajewski, r-So., 6037, 216
99 Haydn Kerr, Fr., 6023, 192