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The UConn Pod: Offseason with a splash of baseball

In a loaded pod, we discuss the latest developments with hockey, hoops, football, and baseball’s run to the NCAA Tournament.

Ian Bethune/The UConn Blog

The UConn Pod is back!

In the offseason return of our podcast, Aman, Dan, and Daniel discuss the groundbreaking of the new hockey arena and if it will have enough seats. They also chat about the epic season Jim Penders’ UConn baseball squad is having and how fun this team is to watch.

Then, a hearty conversation on the latest with UConn men’s hoops, including a new assistant coach, the announcements of Tyler Polley and Isaiah Whaley’s return, and what the starting lineup might look like next year.

Finally, we get into some football developments, including the rock-solid scheduling effort and the fact that the Huskies will be playing after taking a season off.