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Let’s overreact to UConn men’s basketball offseason hype videos

One week until the Huskies win every game by 20, if offseason practice videos are to be trusted

Ian Bethune/The UConn Blog

The offseason can be painfully long for a college basketball fan. The UConn men’s basketball team bowed out of March in acrimonious fashion but are loaded heading into 2021-22, leading to one of the more hyped-up offseason in recent memory. Every step of the way, UConn has fed the vultures hungry for a scrap of #content. Husky fans have been treated to a handful of videos offering a glimpse offseason workouts. These well-edited hype videos help fans can get a glimpse of the intense practices put on by head coach Dan Hurley.

These videos are all fans have to hold themselves over in the offseason, and it’s no doubt been picked apart for clues about player development, new narratives, and breakout candidates. However, offseason hype videos are just that; hype videos. Everyone looks good in compilations; they’re meant to drum up excitement in an offseason where content is barren.

But one week from none of this mattering, what’s more fun than getting carried away and making outlandish claims? Let’s look at some of the more notable practice videos, and see what we can predict about this coming season.

In the first video, dated June 22, fans are treated to Samson Johnson euro-stepping like James Harden, Akok Akok finger rolls and step-backs, and a man-bunned Andre Jackson helming fast breaks. Oh, and walk-on Matthew Garry with the smoothest stroke on the team.

Video No. 2: Above we have more man-bun Andre Jackson being mad at rims. RJ Cole looks like he can curl 50 lb. dumbbells. Lots of good Isaiah Whaley ‘Wrench’ content here, too.

Video No. 3: RJ Cole dunking? RJ Cole dunking.

Video No. 4: Tyler Polley one-handed dunks something you will see much more of in 2022, I’m certain.

Here is video evidence of a Jordan Hawkins jelly, an Akok trey, and some hi-low featuring Richie Springs and Rahsool Diggins, sure to be UConn’s go-to play all season. Jalen Gaffney will become the college basketball version of DeMar DeRozan with that midrange pull-up jumper.

Above we see the first glimpse of 45:07. If this video is to be trusted, UConn will lead the nation in three-point field goals attempted and made. Also, Jackson has lost the man-bun but still hates rims.

Here we have our first glimpse of freshman Corey Floyd Jr., who looks like he could play linebacker. Tyrese Martin will not miss a layup this year, and RJ Cole will have more left-handed floaters than any other point guard in the Big East.

The last one, since its from Day One of practice. Not sure if that counts as an offseason vid, but its #content nonetheless. Every UConn player has perfect shooting form. Akok Akok and Adama Sanogo meeting at the rim probably caused the multiverse.