UCONN 41 point underdogs against Clemson

It's been a rough couple of years for UCONN football. They've been among the worst teams in all of the NCAA, even giving Kansas a run for their money.

Finally a few weeks ago, UCONN won their first game this year by knocking off Yale. They still haven't beaten an FBS opponent since October of 2019 when they defeated UMass.

This week, the Huskies take on their toughest opponent of the season, Clemson. Now, few believe that UCONN actually has a chance to win this one, but they do have a chance to cover an absurd spread.


Oddsmakers hate UCONN in this game. The Huskies are a 41 point underdog, and they aren't even given an moneyline. UCONN is so bad that oddsmakers didn't even put a moneyline on the game. That essentially means that oddsmakers view this game as if Clemson were taking on an FCS opponent.

Matchup History

This is the first time Clemson and UCONN have ever played each other. It's shocking that two programs that are over 100 years old have never played each other, but here we are.

Clemson and UCONN will start their story on Saturday.


UCONN is not going to win this game, but they have a chance to beat the spread. Even with UCONN's terrible season, they've only been beaten by 41 points twice, against Fresno State and against Purdue.

Now, while Clemson is viewed as at least as good as those teams, it's worth noting how bad their offense has been this season. Clemson has scored more than 30 just once this season, against South Carolina State.

So, UCONN certainly has a chance to cover the spread here if nothing else.