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UConn men’s hockey shuts down due to a positive COVID test

The Huskies are forced to pause their season after a member of the program tested positive for the coronavirus.

Ian Bethune/The UConn Blog

UConn men’s hockey paused all team activities after “a member of the program” tested positive for COVID-19, the school announced Wednesday night. The Huskies will shut down until contact tracing and additional testing can be completed, though no timetable was given.

The Huskies’ upcoming series against Northeastern has been postponed. Their trip to Providence on Jan. 13 will also likely be moved, though Hockey East had not officially announced that matchup.

This is the first time UConn has shut down due to a positive test during the regular season, though head coach Mike Cavanaugh hinted that the team dealt with COVID-19 issues during the preseason.

“Between quarantines and sitting out and contact tracing, there hasn’t been any structure, and it really hasn’t been fluid,” Cavanaugh said prior to the Huskies’ season opener. “It’s been fractured, to say the least. But our guys have been mentally tough and right now, knock on wood, this minute, we are healthy and ready to play hockey.”

UConn’s two basketball programs also dealt with mid-season shutdowns. The women’s basketball team hit the pause button for 10 days after a non-player or coach tested positive while men’s basketball shut down twice. The second time, it was allowed to resume practice in a modified quarantine just one week after positive tests forced it to shut down.

The length of the men’s hockey team’s shutdown will likely depend on how many players and staff members test positive or are forced to quarantine due to additional testing and contact tracing.