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The UConn Pod: (Almost) every Husky sport imaginable

There’s no shortage of sports to talk about on this episode of the pod.

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Ian Bethune/The UConn Blog

On this episode of The UConn Pod, we discussed a lot of different UConn teams and also a few matters of importance in the NBA and MLB. Also, did you know UConn has two football players in the Super Bowl? #Power

We started with the men’s basketball team and its disappointing losses to St. John’s and Creighton. After that, we got into the Huskies in the NBA including the return of Kemba Walker.

Switching sports but staying in the pros, we get into George Springer’s massive contract with the Toronto Blue Jays before discussing UConn baseball’s loaded non-conference schedule this season. We then dig into the newly-released Big East slates for both the men’s and women’s soccer teams.

Finally, we throw some cold water on the notion that UConn men’s hockey should be ranked and wrap with Paige Buckets’ big moment in the women’s basketball team’s big win over Tennessee.

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