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Chasing Perfection: WNBA injuries, giant cookies, and prophesies

We discuss why it’s so important that Mohegan Sun will host the Big East Tournament, UConn in the WNBA, and the hope on the horizon for a college basketball start date.

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Cincinnati v Connecticut Photo by Benjamin Solomon/Getty Images

On this episode, Megan and I discuss how the Big East *finally* announced that it’s moving the women’s basketball conference tournament to Mohegan Sun and explain why that’s so important...for the non-basketball reasons. We then take turns trying to guess when another Big East team will get around to beating UConn (hint: not anytime soon).

Then we get into the WNBA, where a correction is issued about a previous comment and we discuss what’s going on with Megan Walker. We also lament the season-ending injuries to Azura Stevens and Bria Hartley, but celebrate Sue Bird’s return to the court and explain to the world why she won’t retire after this season.

After that, we put our Nostradamus hats on and try to guess how much success UConn’s current roster will have in the WNBA, such as how many players get drafted, which one gets picked the highest, and who has the best career.

Finally, we wrap it by talking about the possible start date for college basketball and keep our fingers crossed that next episode we’ll actually have something to look forward to.

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