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Chasing Perfection: Basketball is officially back on!

The NCAA announced the start date for the college basketball season on Wednesday.

Ian Bethune/The UConn Blog

On this episode of Chasing Perfection, we bring you the news of NCAA’s announcement about the start of the college basketball season as it happens. We discuss the details both released and reported, what a schedule might look like and why UConn needs non-conference play to happen.

After that, we switch gears and put a bow on the WNBA regular season, where Megan makes her picks for the league-wide awards while also handing out the first-ever Chasing Perfection WNBA Awards.

Then, we name Maya Moore as the only person having a good 2020 after she announced her marriage to Jonathan Irons on Wednesday.

Finally, we wrap up with predictions for the WNBA playoffs and if we’d rather have Breanna Stewart or Diana Taurasi for do-or-die games.