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The Fast Break - September 14, 2020

All the UConn sports news you need to know.

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Weekly Rewind

The latest UConn athletics news

U Gotta See This

Video recommendations

Draw it up, slam it down:

UConn, Great Pic

Photos of UConn’s finest

Got $10 million? UConn’s hockey arena could have your name all over it:

Coach’s Corner

Find out what the UConn coaches are up to on and off the court

Big League Buzz

Catch up on former UConn players working across the sports world

Memory Lane

Revisiting the history of UConn sports

  • Coach Penders’ program can strongly stake their claim as king of the North(east):

Weekly Fancast

Once UConn sports return, we’ll provide info for the week’s upcoming games in this space. Until then, enjoy some classic recommendations from the vault.

So many prolific players have suited up for UConn women’s basketball during the program’s prestigious history that choosing the ten best is certainly a tough task. Check out this rundown of UConn stars to watch some of the best in action and see how this list stacks up to your personal hierarchy of legendary Huskies:

Cause We Care

Learn about non-profits and charitable causes benefiting the great people of Connecticut

Renee Montgomery continues to be a force for positive change in her community and plans to impact the upcoming November elections through one of her foundation’s core initiatives called ‘Remember the 3rd.’ According to the Renee Montgomery Foundation website, the goal of this initiative is to “use social media content to educate, motivate and provide genuine insight on any local, state-wide or national election process, while taking a non-partisan stand.”

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Final Play

A parting sentiment from The Fast Break team

See why ‘catch a game at Rizza Performance Center’ is now on our bucket list:

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