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The Fast Break - July 27, 2020

All the UConn sports news you need to know.

It is with a heavy heart that we deliver this week’s edition of The Fast Break after the passing of Stanley Robinson. He was a whimsical talent and kindhearted soul who will be dearly missed. In his memory, this week’s newsletter highlights the best of his times in Storrs and beyond. Our thoughts are with the Robinson family and his community in Alabama.

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U Gotta See This

Video recommendations

  • Stanley Robinson was a human highlight reel:
  • It looks like Javonte Brown-Ferguson shares Sticks’ affinity for rocking the rim:

UConn, Great Pic

UConn history and history in the making

  • He’s #21 in your program, but will always be #1 in our hearts:

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Memory Lane

Revisiting the history of UConn sports

Weekly Fancast

Once UConn sports return, we’ll provide info for the week’s upcoming games in this space. Until then, enjoy some classic recommendations from the vault.

In the first round of the 2009 NCAA tournament, Sticks went off for 24 points on 11-17 shooting as the Huskies mopped the floor with the Chattanooga Mocs, 103-47.

Check out the game highlights below to see his full arsenal on display and CLICK HERE to enjoy the Huskies’ resounding opening-round victory:

In Memoriam:

Celebrating the life of a beloved Husky gone too soon

UConn fans and loved ones of Stanley “Sticks” Robinson took to social media to share their heartbreak over his passing, so much that “RIP Sticks” was trending on Twitter.

Whether they knew him personally or just admired his game from afar, there was no shortage of stories and sentiments shared to honor his life. Here are some of them:

  • We can all learn a lot from the Robinson Rules:
  • Sticks bouncing out of this epic poster:
  • Anthony was the Courant’s beat writer covering the men’s team during this time:
  • Game recognized game:

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