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Azura Stevens opens food trailer in hometown

The Chicago Sky forward has more irons in the fire than just basketball.

@sameoshrimps on Instagram.

The COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic resulted in stay-at-home orders for months on end, some of which are still occurring. Some of us got in shape, while others caught up on TV shows they had missed or some much-needed family time. For former UConn women’s basketball and current Chicago Sky forward/center Azura Stevens, that meant opening a food trailer with her father, Damon in her native Raleigh, North Carolina.

“Me and my dad were just thinking of something that we could do together,” Stevens said over Zoom when meeting with the media Wednesday afternoon. “We were going to do the restaurant but then we figured, let’s start with the food trailer, it’s a lot cheaper.”

And so, Same O Dame O’s was born.

Damon has 20 years of experience in the culinary industry and will be running the trailer, which serves shrimp, fish and grits, three Southern staples, while Azura is playing out the WNBA season at Bradenton, Florida’s IMG Academy in their closed environment, which has been dubbed the “wubble.”

“We all work together on it — my sister, my mom included — so it’s been great,” she said. “Obviously, I’m missing being there with him right now but still very involved as much as I can be from this location.”

Same O Dame O’s will travel throughout the Raleigh area.