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The Fast Break - June 29, 2020

All the UConn sports news you need to know.

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This week in The Fast Break: Some tough news for the athletic department, some happier news in the future (two days, not that anyone’s counting), and a whole lot more excitement in the world of UConn sports!

Weekly Rewind

The latest UConn athletics news

From The UConn Blog:

From Other Sources:

On UConn’s Budget Cuts:

It is incredibly disappointing for UConn to have to do this, and our hearts go out to the current Huskies and high school students affected by this decision. When conference realignment plopped UConn into the AAC, administrative leadership made a gamble. They implemented a student subsidy to support the athletic program, running it at a huge loss in hopes of competing in the yacht race that big-time college football has become and earning a “power five” invite. That gamble didn’t pay off, so the new leadership found an alternate path. UConn may have been able to keep all of its sports intact were it not for the shutdowns and financial losses that came with it. Given the number of varsity sports UConn sponsored, something would eventually have to give. It’s a shame that these are the forces that drive college sports.

U Gotta See This

Video recommendations

ESPN’s Top 10 College Basketball Players of All Time features some familiar faces:

UConn, Great Pic

Photos of UConn’s finest

It appears that Katie Lou Samuelson has achieved the highest form of evolution:

Coach’s Corner

Find out what the UConn coaches are up to on and off the court

What They’re Chirpin’ About

Highlights from the UConn Twitter-verse

  • UConn’s return to the Big East was announced a year ago and becomes official this week. Let’s revisit some initial thoughts on this polarizing move courtesy of the one and only SVP:
  • While we’re on the topic of anniversaries, we might as well relive this moment that transpired the following day:
  • In other news, George Springer’s UConn career continues to garner well-deserved praise:

Big League Buzz

Catch up on former UConn players working across the sports world


Fun expressions of Husky fandom from across the web

  • “Hello, America. My name’s Stanley, but my friends call me Sticks.”
  • What we would give to be jumping around Gampel to the sound of this album:
  • Everybody could use a little Cool Jonathan in their life:
  • Give the people what they want:
  • Speaking of the ACC:

Memory Lane

Revisiting the history of UConn sports

Some people are calling Storrs the basketball capital of the world. This might be why:

Weekly Fancast

Once UConn sports return, we’ll provide info for the week’s upcoming games in this space. Until then, enjoy some classic recommendations from the vault.

Relive UConn Baseball’s rollercoaster trip to the 2019 College World Series, where they made a run at the national championship before falling just shy of the Super Regionals:

Cause We Care:

Learn about non-profits and charitable causes benefiting the great people of Connecticut

This week, we put a worthy spotlight on Coaches for Action, a newly-formed coalition inspired by the recent protests against police brutality and social injustice. Their mission statement is as follows:

“Coaches For Action was founded by 21 Assistant Coaches in the Big East conference on a shared mission to use the platform of athletics to educate and bring awareness to social injustices. We seek to generate sustainable action plans to eliminate prejudice, discrimination, and oppression against people of color.”

CLICK HERE to learn how you can help Coaches For Action achieve actionable change!

Final Farewell:

In honor of UConn’s Big East return becoming official later this week, join us in saying good riddance to the AAC with some unapologetic shade

  • We’ve just been conserving energy for when we’re back where we belong:
  • On July 1st, when we pull out of the drive and never look back, they’ll realize just how lucky they were to have us in their lives:

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