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Connecticut Ice Live Updates: UConn men’s hockey falls to Yale, 3-2

Keep up with the Huskies’ second game of the CT Ice Festival.

Ian Bethune/The UConn Blog

After a 3-2 loss to Quinnipiac in the opening game of the Connecticut Ice Festival, UConn men’s hockey looks to rebound against Yale with third place in this historic tournament on the line. Follow along for live updates throughout the game.


UConn’s lines for CT Ice consolation game against Yale:

First Period

6:45 - Yale’s Chandler Lindstrand earns a 2:00 minute stay in the penalty box after getting booked for holding.

17:20 - The game remains scoreless despite twenty shots on goal, sixteen of which have been taken by the Huskies.

END FIRST PERIOD: Game tied, 0-0

Second Period

5:21 - A Yale goal is negated after a brief review confirms the on-ice call of goaltending.

8:40 - UConn’s #17 Marc Gatcomb puts the Huskies up 1-0 with a one-timer off a beautiful pass from #11 Jachym Kondelik.

11:22 - Yale doesn’t wait long to even things up at 1-1 as #20 Curtis Hall finds the back of the net.

14:34 - UConn is hit with their first penalty of the game as Mark Gatcomb gets a 2:00 minute minor for a faceoff violation.

16:01 - #27 Luke Stevens helps Yale take advantage of their first power play by putting them ahead 2-1.

END SECOND PERIOD: Yale leads, 2-1.

Third Period

2:29 - #33 Corbin Kaczperski fends off UConn’s twenty-ninth and thirtieth shots on goal to maintain Yale’s one goal advantage.

9:59 - Yale extends their lead to 3-1 as #18 Justin Pearson sneaks one into the net off a rebound.

13:57 - #8 Carter Turnbull scores to cut Yale’s lead to 3-2 after a big hit by teammate Wyatt Newpower reignites the Huskies.

18:29 - Yale’s Tyler Welsh gets a 2:00 minute tripping penalty to let the Huskies close out the period on a power play. UConn pulls their goalie to really put the pressure on Yale’s defense.

END THIRD PERIOD: Yale wins, 3-2.