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UConn football: Randy Edsall breaks down decision to name Jack Zergiotis starting quarterback

The true freshman will be running the Huskies’ offense for the foreseeable future.

Ian Bethune - The UConn Blog

Half an hour before UConn football’s game against Illinois was set to kick off, the Huskies delivered surprising news: Incumbent starting quarterback Mike Beaudry was injured and true freshman Jack Zergiotis would start in his place.

While the Huskies fell 31-23 to the Fighting Illini, Zergiotis (21-for-31, 275 yards, 2 INT, 0 TD) played well enough for head coach Randy Edsall to name him the permanent starter.

“There’s is no quarterback controversy, (Zergiotis is) our quarterback going forward,” he said.

Zergiotis also impressed his teammates with his poise, including former high school quarterback-turned-tight-end Jay Rose.

“I love to hear that. He showed that today,” Rose said of Zergiotis being named starter.

“I couldn’t imagine that (playing quarterback as a true freshman),” Rose later continued. “He’s at a whole different level. Division I playing a very good Illinois team? His composure, that was unreal. For someone that young to step in there and play the way he did, I couldn’t imagine.”

Edsall broke down his decision in further detail after the game: