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True freshman Jack Zergiotis to start at quarterback

In a surprise move with Mike Beaudry injured, the Montreal native will be under center for his first start as a Husky.

The Huskies will have their second starting quarterback in as many games as the Manchester Journal Inquirer’s Neill Ostrout is reporting that Mike Beaudry is injured and true freshman Jack Zergiotis will be starting in his place.

This is surprising because, first off, we were unaware of any injury to Beaudry. And second, that Zergiotis would be second in line and not Steven Krajewski, the promising three-star recruit from Georgia who has more time and familiarity with the program as a redshirt freshman.

As Husky fans know all too well, the program’s history of sending true freshmen out there under center is not great. Tim Boyle and Donovan Williams are the most recent examples. Though he’s on the Green Bay Packers now, Boyle never made an impact at UConn, and Williams is now a tight end.

Per Neill Ostrout and Jim Fuller, the last true freshman quarterback to start and win a game for the Huskies was Dan Orlovsky in 2001.

Interesting move, Randy, we’ll see how it plays out.