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The UConn Pod: Previewing football season & interview with former Husky Carla Berube

We chat about the upcoming football season and reasons for optimism before a conversation with Carla Berube, who’s now the head coach at Princeton.


In the latest episode of The UConn Pod, we talk about why we’re actually excited for football season and why there are some reasons for optimism heading into Randy Edsall’s third season as head coach. We then get an inside view on the football team and the program’s future from the Manchester Journal Inquirer’s Neill Ostrout.

Next, Howard Megdal interviews newly-named Princeton women’s basketball head coach Carla Berube on her time at UConn, the tides of change in women’s hoops, her experience with Team USA, and then having her relationship with Geno Auriemma go from coach to that of a mentor and peer.