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UConn Men’s Basketball ranks favorably in NBA salary survey

Huskies in the NBA have the highest median salary since 1991.

2007 NBA Draft Party Hosted by Carmelo Anthony, Fabolous and DJ Clue - June 28, 2007

The incredibly gifted folks at, an athletic shoe review site, just tapped out a lengthy analysis on NBA salaries since 1991, and the results reflect quite kindly on the UConn Huskies.

Anyone who has an inkling for this sort of thing should give the article a full read, because it is very interesting.

For those that want to just hit “Ctrl F,” and find out about the Huskies, say no more:

  • Connecticut has the highest median salary since 1991.
  • Going by absolute figures, NBA players coming from Wake Forest averaged the highest salaries, followed by Georgetown, Florida, Connecticut, and Texas (Austin).
  • Connecticut has the best salary distribution among the players, and along with some school in Durham and Georgetown, is the only college with a median NBA salary of above $3 million.
  • Presented in % of the salary cap, California’s players have the highest earnings with just around 9.5% of the cap on average. They are followed by Michigan, Georgetown, Alabama, and Connecticut.

Oh and here’s a deep cut for you. Travis Knight — a Husky from 1992-1996 — earned a unique honor, cracking the top 5 of NBA players in earnings per point scored. In 2000-2001, Knight, playing for the tragically inept New York Knicks, averaged only 0.6 points per game while making $3.2 million on the season. Let us all retroactively congratulate him on being the Bag Guy of the 2000-2001 season.