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AAC Media Day: UConn Last in Football Poll

No surprises there, but Commissioner Mike Aresco did address UConn’s departure as well.

NCAA Football: Tulsa at Memphis Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

In the 2019 AAC Media Poll, UConn Football was picked to finish last in the East division and received the fewest points in the poll with 30. UCF, Cincinnati, USF, Temple, and ECU finished ahead of the Huskies in the East, in that order. Tulsa, the last-place team in the West, earned 38 points.

AAC Commissioner Mike Aresco also discussed UConn’s departure in his opening remarks. He said the conversations with UConn to iron out departure details have been moving along and that his goal is to “get this thing done as amicably and efficiently as possible.”

Aresco added that the conference has no current plans to add a 12th member, and that they may tinker with the divisional format but will definitely still have a conference championship game. He did not comment on the status of the upcoming broadcast rights deal with ESPN, and if UConn leaving is affecting that in any way.

In classic Aresco form, he also pushed the Power Six messaging and made a wide range of cultural references to introduce or re-affirm his points, including JFK, Teddy Roosevelt, Moses, the moon landing, and compared the AAC to JetBlue Airlines. He continued his traditional intense optimism with a listing of big games on this year’s football schedule and a chronicling of the successes the league has achieved thus far.

Also, you’re not going to believe this but, the AAC Commissioner is bullish about the new TV deal he negotiated.

The UConn Blog will have more on the Husky football team after speaking with Randy Edsall and the players on hand in the remainder of the morning sessions in Newport.