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UConn Women’s Basketball Newcomers’ Numbers Unveiled

The Huskies' newest additions revealed what numbers they will wear this season.

Ian Bethune/The UConn Blog

UConn women’s basketball revealed which number the Huskies’ four newcomers will wear this season. The pool of available numbers is limited in college basketball since jerseys can’t feature any number that includes 6-9 (such as 16-19, 26-29, 56 and above, etc.). Geno Auriemma also requires players to ask previous stars who wore the same number for permission — like Molly Bent asking Sue Bird if she could wear No. 10.

Here’s a look at what number each player selected and the history behind it:

Evelyn Adebayo - No. 14

Total players to wear it: 6
Most recent: Sadie Edwards (2014)
Most notable: Bria Hartley (2010-14)

Adebayo, the first grad transfer in program history will don number 14. It was last worn by a player to transfer out of the program — Sadie Edwards — who wore it for six games before leaving for USC. Adebayo will keep the same number she used at Murray State. Prior to that, the 6-foot-1 forward wore No. 12 with Gardner-Webb.

Everyone else: Lori Kulo (1983-87), Tonya Boone (1990-94), Keirsten Walters (1999-2001), Meghan Gardler (2006-07)

Evina Westbrook - No. 22

Total players to wear it: 10
Most recent: Courtney Ekmark (2014-16)
Most notable: Amy Duran (1995-99)

Westbrook is dumping the single-digit No. 2 that she wore at Tennessee in favor of adding a second two to her jersey. The guard will rock No. 22, the same jersey number she wore at South Salem High School in Oregon. The number is fitting for Westbrook historically as well — as a rising junior, she will only use it for a maximum of three seasons (if she doesn’t get a waiver, she’ll sit one year and play two). Ashley Battle and Amy Duran are the only players to wear 22 for four or more years.

Everyone else: Phyllis Clapis (1979-81), July McNellis (1981-83), Tammi Sweet (1983-84), Jill Brumbaugh (1984-87), Marissa Jaye (1986-88), Heidi Law (1989-92), Ashley Battle (2000-05), Meghan Gardler (2007-2010)

Ania Makurat - No. 24

Total players to wear it: 8
Most recent: Napheesa Collier (2015-19)
Other notables: Kerry Bascom (1987-91)

No. 24 didn’t stay idle for long. After Collier’s graduation this past spring, incoming freshman Ania Makurat will take the digits. The Polish guard wore No. 13 with her professional club Arka Gdynia but that’s already taken by sophomore Christyn Williams. Until late, 24 has been a pretty dormant number with Makurat just the fourth player to wear it since 1991.

Everyone else: Beth Conrad (1979-80), Mary Neubelt (1980-81), Shelly Clymer (1982-83), Tammi Sweet (1984-87), Charde Houston (2004-08), Briana Pulido (2014-15)

Aubrey Griffin - No. 44

Total number of players: 7
Most recent: Brittany Hunter (2004-08)

Griffin will not only keep the number she wore in high school, she will keep No. 44 in the family. Her father, Adrian Griffin, wore 44 for seven of his 10 years in the NBA. It’s unusual for a UConn player to pick a number so high — Kiah Stokes (41) and Natalie Butler (51) are the only two Huskies to wear a digit over 40 this decade.

Everyone else: Chris Gedney (1977-81), Leigh Curl (1981-82), Lori Kulo (1983-87), Sue Mayo (1993-94), Sarah Northway (1995-97), Christine Rigby (1999-2001)