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How UConn Took Over the #BleedBlue Hashtag

Huskies fans can now see the UConn logo next to #BleedBlue on Twitter.

Ian Bethune/The UConn Blog

Shortly after the women’s basketball team secured a spot in their unprecedented 12th-straight Final Four, UConn athletic director David Benedict, now an avid tweeter, got some fans excited with a new addition to the #BleedBlue slogan on Twitter.

According to the university, Twitter’s sports department reached out to UConn shortly after the women’s basketball team defeated Louisville last weekend to commemorate the Huskies making the Final Four. While this has been done in the past for teams that have made the men’s Final Four, this is the first year they have done this for women’s event.

This new addition caused some funny mixups for some other schools. The University of New Hampshire was more or less bullied off of the hashtag due to the change and had to scramble for a new solution.

It wasn’t just UNH that was proudly sporting the husky logo. Boise State, home of the smurf turf, apparently likes to bleed blue too and now has countless tweets with the UConn logo for at least the next few days.

Boise State fans seems to be taking the news really well.

The husky emoji will last through the weekend at the minimum, and Twitter told UConn that the winning team could keep the emoji next to their hashtag for the entire year incase UConn fans needed another reason to root for the Huskies this weekend in Tampa.