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UConn Football: State Ethics Board Ends Corey Edsall Complaint

The tight ends coach can stay on his father’s staff indefinitely.

Ian Bethune/The UConn Blog

The Connecticut state ethics board will no longer pursue the nepotism charge regarding Corey Edsall’s position on his father’s staff for the UConn football team. The board chose to drop its appeal of a judge’s ruling that said UConn did not break state nepotism laws when Randy Edsall hired his son Corey to the football staff, the Office of State Ethics announced according to the Hartford Courant

Originally, Corey was hired to UConn football’s staff as the tight ends coach but placed under the supervision of then-COO Beth Goetz instead of Randy himself. By most standards, Corey was well-qualified for the job and would be one of the lowest-paid assistants in the conference.

UConn went through all the necessary steps and approval processes before the ethics board stepped in June 2017 and said the school acted improperly. In December, a judge ruled Corey could keep his position on staff until a decision was made.

In Sep. 2018, a ruling was held where both sides presented their argument and in November of that year, the judge ruled in favor of the Edsall’s and UConn. The court determined the ethic board’s original position was “clearly erroneous in view of the reliable, probative and substantial evidence on the whole record.”

As far as we know, Randy Edsall has yet to sign his contract because of the entire saga and has instead been working off a “binding letter of agreement” which pays $1 million per year to coach UConn’s football team.