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Sign up for SB Nation College Basketball FanPulse

A weekly opportunity to share your opinion on UConn and the world of college hoops.

Ian Bethune - The UConn Blog

Here at The UConn Blog, we do a lot of writing, pontificating and predicting on UConn sports. This year, SB Nation has launched a platform that makes YOU part of the action as a voter in what we’re calling the NCAA FanPulse.

They launched earlier this fall with a college football version, where readers are able to vote on a Top 25 and their confidence in their team. For the college basketball version, you will be answering a question about your confidence of the direction of the Huskies, as well as your guess for national champion and player of the year.

Every week, you’ll get a chance to vote and every week we’ll publish those results.


The FanPulse will be a great way to measure fan sentiment across the season and remind us of the highs and lows we experience across the schedule. As Dan Hurley and his staff work to get UConn back into the national conversation, we’ll be able to track how he got there, and hopefully start making waves as the people’s pick for the national championship down the road.

We hope you’ll see the fun in participating in this exciting initiative. This will be the most comprehensive polling project out there and since it will involve SB Nation blog readers, the smartest sports fans on Earth, it’ll surely be an accurate and interesting output each week. Here’s an example from the NFL version, which launched last year.

Please sign up, we don’t want those overactive online Kentucky fans dominating these polls. Make your voice heard and tell your friends to make sure Husky fans are well-represented!