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UConn Men’s Basketball: By the Numbers

The Huskies are at their best when Jalen Adams is efficient, and more stats from the past week for UConn

Ian Bethune/The UConn Blog

In the UConn Huskies’ 87-71 victory over Tulane, Jalen Adams had one of his best games of the season. He scored 31 points, just three shy of his career high. Adams scored 1.11 points per play (a measure of scoring efficiency that accounts for field goal attempts, free throw attempts and turnovers) while leading the Huskies to a 16 point victory.

The Huskies’ senior guard has scored over one point per play ten times this season, close to the 11 wins UConn has on the season. This is no coincidence, as the Huskies are at their best when Adams plays well. In fact, Adams has scored above one point per play in all but two of UConn’s wins this season (Syracuse and Manhattan).

The Huskies have just one loss (Tulsa) when he scores over one point per play.

Additionally, the Huskies three largest losses of the season (Villanova, Iowa and UCF) have come in three of Adams’ four least efficient games this season. For UConn to succeed going forward, especially in big games, Adams needs to be efficient on the offensive end.

Here are some additional key stats from the past week in UConn Men’s Basketball:

Christian Vital led the Huskies in rebounding in both games this week, with 7 boards at Tulsa and 8 against Tulane. Across both games, he collected 30 percent of Tulsa and Tulane’s misses while on the floor.

Josh Carlton had a career high 18 points against Tulane on Saturday. He was an impressive 9-10 from the floor. Even with three turnovers, Carlton scored 1.38 points per play.

While the UConn’s attempt to comeback in the second half at Tulsa fell short, the Huskies rebounded exceptionally well in the final 20 minutes. The team collected 38 percent of their own misses, and all but two of Tulsa’s missed shots in the second half.