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WATCH: Randy Edsall Wants to Make UConn Football’s Freshmen Uncomfortable

The coaching staff wants their freshmen to learn how to deal with adversity.

Ian Bethune/The UConn Blog

There’s no shortage of freshmen getting hefty playing time for UConn football this season. On this week’s depth chart, 18 freshmen are listed with nine of those being starters.

With so many first-time players on the field early in the season, the coaching staff wants to make sure they know what to do in practice so they properly execute in games. To do that, the staff tries to make the freshmen uncomfortable to help them learn.

Edsall says that with the age of cell phones, most freshmen don’t understand how to handle being uncomfortable. To drive home the point, the coach compares it to the struggle of trying to ask a girl out — before you could simply text them.

Video by Ian Bethune.