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Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes at The UConn Blog

We’ve got two new guys running the day-to-day show around here.

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Ian Bethune/The UConn Blog

After a hair over five years as the managing editor and day-to-day worrier-abouter of The UConn Blog, I am moving into a new role on the team— one necessitated by some personal life changes, for sure, but also to support our broader aspirations.

Dan Madigan and Daniel Connolly are the new co-editors-in-chief of this website. They’ve both been longtime key contributors here and elsewhere and I’m supremely confident they’ll continue to excel with their new responsibilities. The New Editors Dan are also both younger than I was when I started here, and much, much better than I was back then (low bar, but still). Their upside is unlimited.

Our other key guys, namely Ian Bethune, the artist known as @tcf15, and Shawn McGrath, are still very much part of the #squad and powering on as they always do. So not a whole lot should change here, although we do have some new things getting started that we’re very excited about.

Dan (left) and Dan (right).
Ian Bethune

The main reason we’re making this change is, simply, I have less free time. I’m [redacted] years old, and (mostly good, I think) grown life stuff is piling up. But I still love this thing and plan to ride with it til I die. My new jam will be business managing this online circus and working on random projects like getting the podcast out more frequently, selling t-shirts, and other fun stuff. (On a related note, please subscribe to our podcast on iTunes or SoundCloud and think about buying some Titletown gear or the old classic, #NFG).

If you’ve been reading The UConn Blog over the past few years, and also made it this far into the article, thank you for your support and for taking the time to understand what goes on with the people who put a ton of time and effort, on top of numerous additional obligations, for very little pay, into this site. We love to rap sports with fellow UConn peeps online (Or in person! If you ever run into us IRL at or around a game, feel free to say hi!), and hopefully sometimes we make relevant contributions to the discussion.

On a related note, we’re looking to add people that can help us do a better job of delivering #content across a wide range of channels. So if you know anyone interested in paid opportunities in social media, graphic design, writing/editing, or audio/video production, holler @TheUConnBlog.