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Muffet McGraw Apologizes For Notre Dame’s Lack of Poise, Blocks Breanna Stewart On Twitter

McGraw apologized to Notre Dame fans, not UConn, after her team’s dirty plays against the Huskies.

There’s one thing that you won’t see a UConn women’s basketball player do on the court. And that is disrespect the opposing teams’ players or coach. If that happened, Geno Auriemma and Chris Dailey would have them sitting on the bench so fast and they wouldn’t even know when they might get off of it.

Auriemma can get under the skin of opposing players and coaches. That’s just Geno being Geno. He has his reasons for doing it. It’s up to the player and/or coach to have the poise to not react to it.

Unfortunately for Notre Dame’s Arike Ogunbowale, she lost her cool during Sunday’s UConn victory in South Bend, IN and received a technical foul while jawing with Auriemma. She also earned an unsportsmanlike foul for grabbing Crystal Dangerfield by the neck and later kicked Dangerfield’s legs out from under her. Something happened in the postgame handshake line between Ogunbowale and Auriemma as well.

Ogunbowale apologized on Twitter on Tuesday afternoon to her Notre Dame family and fans. Later in the evening Tuesday, head coach Muffet McGraw issued a statement using a font of disappointment to Irish alumni and fans about the actions of her team — not UConn.

One of the problems with this apology from McGraw besides the font of disappointment obviously, is the fact that she addressed it “to the best fans in the country,” something those in Storrs will certainly take offense to.

The other problem with the apology from McGraw is if she wanted everyone to see it, there’s one former UConn star who couldn’t.

If you’re going to apologize for your team’s actions and try to act with class, shouldn’t you exhibit the same thing? Is there a reason to block Stewart on Twitter?

What has Stewie done to McGraw besides beat Notre Dame in the semifinals of the 2013 NCAA Tournament along with the following two NCAA Championship games? They two have never even shared a Twitter interaction.

A pair Stewart’s former teammates weighed in on the situation as well.

It’s hypocritical on McGraw’s part to talk about “poise” and then turn around and block Stewart for no apparent reason.

Oh by the way, how many rings does Stewart have compared to McGraw’s two?

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