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Emergency UConn Pod: Akok Akok Commits To UConn Men’s Basketball

Dan Hurley is making sure his 2019 class will be a good one.

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Ian Bethune/The UConn Blog

In this special emergency episode of The UConn Pod, Daniel Connolly, Dan Madigan and Tom Fritsch get together to break down what Akok Akok’s commitment this afternoon means to Dan Hurley in the Huskies.

With Akok now in the fold, here’s the latest scholarship grid for handy reference:

Also, please take a second to register for FREE event tomorrow at The Press on 187 Allyn Street in Hartford if you can make it. We’re having an MBB post-game/WBB game-watch following the men’s game against Arizona so we can watch the women’s team against No. 1 Notre Dame.

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