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Dan Hurley, UConn Brought the Fun in Season Opener

The win was great, and the way it went down was just plain awesome.

Ian Bethune/The UConn Blog

Winning the season opener relatively kind of comfortably was a welcome sight for the sold-out crowd at Gampel Pavilion Saturday night. Dan Hurley starts his career 1-0 and the new head coach’s style, as a basketball coach and leader, appealed greatly to all the UConn fans watching.

Hurley rushing from the bench to help Josh Carlton after a diving play made the rounds, standing out as proof of his passion and the excitement he brings to game day. But it wasn’t the only moment that got the juices flowing in this exciting start to the season.

Here are some more of Hurley’s best moments from his first win as head coach of the Huskies.


After Morehead State tried to claw back into the game, a couple of stops and some big 3-pointers helped the Huskies pull away for good. Hurley did his part to help get the crowd involved.

The Tap

When Carlton dove into the stands for a loose ball, Hurley hustled over to be the first person to help the sophomore center up. Jalen Adams clearly respected his new coach’s hustle and gave him a pat to let him know about it as the crowd went wild.


Even with the game in hand in the second half, Hurley was still frustrated after a few easy buckets from Morehead State.

The players gave Husky fans plenty to cheer for too. Carlton looked great, showing a low-post scoring prowess that has been missing on this team for some time. Alterique Gilbert and Jalen Adams are dynamic alone, and downright explosive together. They have Christian Vital, Tarin Smith and Brendan Adams to work with as well, who all made solid contributions in the season opener.

The Huskies played with an up-tempo style that featured good passing and structure on offense, which was an exciting change. Former players also seemed to be on board.

The operations crew also deserves some credit, as a new tradition was unveiled Saturday and seemed well received by the students and the rest of the crowd.

This could be a fun, exciting season. While the win over a not-so-great Morehead State team was far from a blowout, this team showed the energy, enthusiasm and teamwork that has been lacking in the past. So far, it seems like players have bought in to Hurley’s system, and it could pay off this year.