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UConn Men’s Basketball vs. UMKC: Gifcap

The Hurley Era is off to a very fun start.

When Dan Hurley was hired as the newest UConn men’s basketball coach, most people expected the play on the court to improve and be more fun to watch.

But the reactions and antics from the head coach on the sideline are almost just as entertaining as the basketball itself.

The basketball was pretty good too, though. UConn smacked a bad team they way they were supposed to and had a solid lead for most of the game.

There was ball movement that almost looks fake it was so good.

Jalen Adams was also doing Jalen Adams things.

He also decided to tap into his inner Shabazz a few times and drain some threes in the face of a defender.

And what would be a good blowout be without a few big dunks on the fast break?

I’m also not fully convinced Eric Cobb didn’t damage something on the hoop with this dunk. He lost a lot of weight but he’s still a BIG dude.

There’s been more fun moments in the first two games of the Hurley Era than in the last three years combined. Now, UConn goes up against Syracuse on Thursday night. Hurley’s first game coaching at Madison Square Garden against the Huskies’ arch-rivals. If the first two games are any indication, it should be a fun night.