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It’s More Than Just Football For Randy Edsall

Eli Thomas was one of the game captains for the Huskies on Saturday.

Ian Bethune/The UConn Blog

Just one month ago, UConn Huskies linebacker Eli Thomas suffered stroke. 31 days later, he was walking on the field with his football brothers to be a captain for Saturday’s game vs SMU at Rentschler Field.

After the game, head coach Randy Edsall talked about Thomas surprising the team, the progress Thomas has made and what it means to the team. Edsall also spoke about showing Daneisha Freeman, the fiancee of former Husky Jasper Howard along with their daughter, Ja’Miya Tia Howard, around the Burton Family Football Complex and what they’ve done there for Jazz.

Edsall also talked about former lineman Donald Thomas, who walked onto the team, coming back and giving a speech to the team before the game.