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The UConn Pod: Everything is Bad Again

Should the football program exist? How bad is this hockey arena? And why is Sid Wilson suspended?

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Everything is bad so here’s a photo of Jonathan in a rain poncho.
Ian Bethune/The UConn Blog

The UConn Blog crew got together to discuss the latest in all things UConn Huskies athletics, including the soccer teams, field hockey’s very good season, and the start of hockey season.

We had a more in-depth discussion on the football team, which continues to test our understanding of how bad things can get. After losing to UMass, Randy Edsall has a lot to answer to, and frankly saying you don’t care about winning for a few years is ridiculous.

Next, we had the pleasure of discussing the recently approved $45 million hockey arena project UConn is undertaking on campus. It’s probably going to be too small for an average audience, limit the program’s ability to grow, and the new digs are not likely to host any marquee games. It’s hard to see which problems it solves and why it’s worth the expense and paying rent for a facility that may not be as urgent as other needs.

On the plus side, hockey is off to a solid start to the season. The team is young and talented, but likely to take some more lumps across the season.

Lastly, as if things aren’t bad enough, we get a sour taste of disappointment as men’s basketball season gets started, with Jalen Adams and Sid Wilson in head coach Dan Hurley’s dog house.

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