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Kwintin Williams Dunks All Over First Night

Many expected the senior from Alaska to put on a show in the dunk contest, and he delivered.

Kwintin Williams throws down one of his many dunks during UConn’s First Night festivities.
Ian Bethune/The UConn Blog

UConn men’s basketball senior Kwintin Williams is well-known around the internet for his freak athleticism and dunking abilities. After not having First Night last year, UConn fans were finally able to get a full display of Williams’ skills, and the forward from Alaska certainly delivered.

Prior to getting things started, head coach Dan Hurley knew fans were looking to see what Williams could throw down, and based on Hurley’s comment, it seemed Williams was pretty amped about it as well.

Even though it may have been the world’s shortest dunk contest, Williams still was impressive, throwing down a handful of impressive jams in his 30 second allotment.

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Even though the contest ended quickly, Williams was far from done throwing done. In the 3-on-3 scrimmages to end the night, Williams put together some impressive game-style dunks with authority.

While it’s unlikely Williams will see a ton of minutes this year, his athleticism is still unparalleled and impressive to watch, especially in person. Here’s hoping he can throw down some monster jams in his final season in Storrs.

You can check out a full video compilation of Williams’ First Night dunks below.