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Randy Edsall’s Decision on Punter Came During UConn’s Warmups

Ultimately, the UConn head coach didn’t flip a coin to decide on a punter, but it was a last-second decision.

Ian Bethune/The UConn Blog

One of UConn Huskies head coach Randy Edsall’s concerns heading into fall camp was who he was going to use as the punter. The Huskies graduated their punter, Justin Wain, along with backup punter and placekicker, Bobby Puyol.

With just Brett Graham on the roster, Edsall went to the well down under and brought in Australian Luke Magliozzi, who didn’t arrive until about a week into fall camp. When training camp ended, the first depth chart came out and Edsall still hadn’t decided upon who would be called to action once Husky drives stalled.

Before the first game against the Holy Cross Crusaders, when asked about who the punter was going to be, Edsall jokingly flipped a coin to decide on whether it would be Graham or Magliozzi who handled the punting duties.

Ultimately, it was something that Edsall saw in warmups that caught his eye.

Each punter got two snaps during warmups. After watching what happened, Edsall decided to go with Graham.