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Join The UConn Blog #Squad!

The UConn Blog is looking to add writing, social media, and photo/video talent to the team!

Ian Bethune/The UConn Blog

If you love Husky sports and think you can put some interesting thoughts about them in writing, or have other skills you’d like to contribute to the leading website for coverage of UConn Huskies athletics, we’d love to chat with you to discuss becoming part of The UConn Blog team.

We’re looking for people to fill the following specific roles, but are also very open to suggestions for a topic area we should add to our coverage.

Staff Writer - We are looking for people interested in covering Men’s Soccer, Men’s Hockey, and Men’s Basketball. If you’re interested in keeping tabs on former Huskies in the NFL or NBA, those are also two areas we’d love to have someone covering more rigorously.

Interested candidates please send any writing samples you may have or, if you haven’t done any writing in the past, write something up on any topic of your choosing and send it over!

Social Media - If you can make tweets, and help us share our articles more often and in a timely, relevant manner while also having a sense of humor about the news as it happens, shoot us a line, include your social media profiles, and offer some suggestions for how we can be using social media better. Interest in Instagram and Facebook would be ideal.

Photo/Video Dudes/Dudettes - If you have a high quality camera and are interested in taking photos at live sporting events or shooting video of pre- and post-game media availability, let us know!

This is an amazing opportunity for people who know and care about UConn athletics to break into sports media. I had little in the way of formal writing experience before taking over here and the experience has unlocked a wide range of opportunities as I discovered my love for the field. This past summer, I made my newspaper debut, and have also had a chance over the past year to do national coverage of college basketball and college football for a variety of sites.

The UConn Blog is by far the most well-read online outlet for coverage of UConn sports and one which actively competes in quality of work and audience size with traditional media outlets such as newspaper, radio, and television. We take what we do seriously, but also have plenty of fun doing it.

We will provide a monthly stipend for qualified candidates. For others, joining the team as a volunteer hobbyist fits their lifestyle better because they can contribute freely as the mood strikes. If that’s sounds like you, that’s totally fine. If you don’t have any experience but think this is something you might be good at, feel free to reach out as well.

Former UConn Bloggers include:

Andrew Porter and Kevin Meachem - The former leaders around here, these two are the godfathers of this website. Porter rode off into the sunset and Meachem is editor of an upstart newspaper that is kicking the ass of a corporate clone in its market, as profiled here by The New York Times.

Justin Verrier - A former ESPN writer who currently works for The Ringer, Verrier worked with Porter and Meachem on the site.

Mac Cerullo - Sportswriter for The Eagle Tribune in Massachusetts, where he covers the Patriots and a host of local sports, Mac helped get this site back up off the ground with the new, less-talented leadership team (‘sup) which took over after Porter and Meachem.

Andrew Callahan - Creator of the most thorough film review series ever done on UConn Football, Callahan now covers Penn State full-time for 247 Sports/CBS.

Tim Fontenault and Matt Zampini - The two former Daily Campus sports editors now work at ESPNFC as multimedia editors.

You can read more on the benefits of working with SB Nation here. Interested candidates please email aman.z.kidwai at gmail dot com