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Richard Hamilton: NCAA Champion, NBA Champion, Champion of the High Seas

The UConn legend is living his retirement to the fullest.

Richard Hamilton - via Instagram

After a 14-year career in the NBA that resulted in one NBA title and three All-Star game appearances, Richard Hamilton seems to have found a new hobby during his retirement.

The former UConn great and NCAA champion has highlighted his foray into fishing on his Instagram page over the last few weeks, and if the pictures say anything, Hamilton seems to be loving every second of it.

Hamilton, who scored over 2,000 points in three seasons at UConn and more than 15,000 points in the NBA, last played professionally with Chicago Bulls during the 2012-13 season. During his retirement, Hamilton has spent time on the golf course and showing off his shoe collection before getting into fishing this summer.

Based on his Instagram feed, Hamilton has had some success on the open water, catching a blackfin tuna a few weeks ago. While Hamilton’s Instagram account has always been a good one, his fishing posts have elevated it to a must-follow.

Just caught a blackfin tuna with my Adios brother Schiff ...#Holdat Holdat

A post shared by Richard Hamilton (@ripcity3232) on

Even with summer winding down, Hamilton probably still has a few more weeks left to get some casts in and post his catches for the world to see. For now, followers can enjoy seeing Rip out on the ocean rocking some UConn gear.

Fishing time #Holdat

A post shared by Richard Hamilton (@ripcity3232) on