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UConn Football vs USF Rescheduled to Nov. 4

The Huskies’ home schedule is once again complete.

Only a pow6r conference could find a find a solution like this.
Ian Bethune - The UConn Blog

UConn football once again has a 12-game football schedule, as the American Conference rescheduled the Huskies’ canceled game against USF to Nov. 4 at Rentschler Field.

The Huskies were scheduled to host the East Carolina Pirates, but that game has been scheduled to Sunday, Sep. 24. Yes, Sunday.

Rentschler Field is already booked for a NYCFC game on Saturday, meaning Sunday was the only realistic option to play. Thursday games are always tough, while Friday night would not have given much time for the field to be converted to soccer.

This change has the fingerprints of athletic director Dave Benedict all over it. A source tells The UConn Blog that the American Conference did not want to reschedule the games, but Benedict’s recent the tweets indicate he pushed hard to get the game back on the schedule.

Overall, this is a win-win for UConn and their fans. The Huskies get to retain all their scheduled home games (and don’t need to play at 10:30 am) and they still play East Carolina, a game that should be very winnable for Randy Edsall’s squad.

In addition, the change forces USF to visit Connecticut in November, when the weather is rather unpredictable and could give the Huskies an edge.