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WATCH: UConn Football Talks About Inspirational Halftime Speech From Foley Fatukasi

Did a speech from Foley Fatukasi spur UConn to victory?

Ian Bethune/The UConn Blog

Knute Rockne. Vince Lombardi. Bo Schembechler. Bear Bryant. Lou Holtz. Folorunso Fatukasi??

The five aforementioned coaching legends have given some of the greatest pregame and halftime speeches ever. So how does UConn Huskies defensive lineman Foley Fatukasi fit in there?

After being ejected early in the eventual win over Holy Cross on Thursday night, Fatukasi returned to the locker room. Having had time to think things over before halftime, he would end up being the only one to address his UConn football teammates at the half.

According to wide receiver Hergy Mayala, it was a speech right out of the movies and Fatukasi’s speech was part of what helped the Huskies win the game.

Listen below as head Randy Edsall along with Fatukasi, Mayala and Nate Hopkins talk about the halftime speech.