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Notebook: UConn Women’s Soccer Falls to Boston College in Preseason Opener, 4-0

Not an ideal start to the preseason for the Huskies.

UConn’s Sophia Danyko-Kulchycky (23)
UConn’s Sophia Danyko-Kulchycky (23)
Ian Bethune/The UConn Blog

The UConn Huskies women’s soccer team opened their preseason schedule with a 4-0 loss to Boston College. While the game was more about seeing what certain players can do than the final result, it still wasn’t a good night for the Huskies.


Mollie Kerrigan got the start in goal, although Courtney Hofer was out for the game. The Huskies were missing a number of key players including Alexa Casimiro, Heidi Druehl and Elena Santos along with freshmen Kess Elmore, Yamilee Eveillard, Julia Petrillo and Sara da Silva.

With it being an exhibition game, UConn head coach Len Tsantiris subbed more often than he would in a typical game. Players that came in off the bench were Sofia Leone, Zoe Steck, Regan Schiappa, Kimi Kokkola, Faith McCarthy, Erin Spillane, Tanya Altrui and Visiliky Rizos.

Scoring Chances

The Eagles out-shot the Huskies 18-8, and UConn’s first real chance did not come until the 71st minute when Vivien Beil had a step behind the defense but sent the shot wide.

In the 84st minute, Danielle Gottwik was tripped in the box, giving the Huskies a penalty kick. However, Sabrina Toole’s shot was deflected by the BC keeper off the post, keeping UConn scoreless.

Boston College’s first three goals all came in the same fashion. After an initial save, the Huskies failed to clear the ball, allowing for a rebound shot to be finished by the Eagles. Their final goal came on a breakaway in the 67th minute.

Top Performers

Vivien Beil made her UConn debut and was as good as advertised. A First Team All-America East player last season, Beil was in total control of the midfield. She saved the Huskies on a play where much of the team struggled to get back, Beil hustled and stopped a pass before it got to the last line of the defense.

Liane Keegans flashed her big throw in, which can reach the six-yard box from the sideline. That is a weapon for UConn on offense, as any throw-in near the 18-yard box is essentially a corner kick.

Melina Couzis and Sophia Danyko-Kulchycky were the only two freshmen to get the start. Couzis started the game at right outside defender but moved to midfield later in the game. Danyko-Kulchycky got the nod at outside midfielder and wasn’t afraid to rip a shot from outside the 18.

Looking Ahead

The Huskies will play their second exhibition game on Sunday against the Boston Breakers reserve squad. They open the season on August 21 on the road against Syracuse.

Photo gallery credits: Ian Bethune