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UConn remains highest-revenue athletic department outside of Power Five

Unfortunately, UConn spends way more than the rest of the American Athletic Conference, too.

Ian Bethune/The UConn Blog

On Wednesday, USA Today released their annual database of revenues and expenses for all 230 of the public colleges and universities in Division I athletics in the 2015-16 fiscal year.

UConn is ranked 46th in revenue, first in the non-Power Five realm, and is ahead of seven of the 51 public Power Five schools. The Huskies are also the only Group of Five school ahead of any Power Five schools.

The Huskies took in $79,229,275 against $79,211,704 in expenses in 2015-16, both of which are tops in the American Athletic Conference by a shade under $20 million. Cincinnati and UConn are also the only schools of the seven public colleges in The American that made money and UCF broke exactly even.

The Knights were slotted 53rd, while the Bearcats ranked 54th on the list. Houston is 57th, one spot ahead of Memphis, and USF is not far behind at 60th. East Carolina brings up the rear at 65th.

The Huskies are fourth in the conference in money allocated from student fees, institutional support and state money at 44.52 percent. All of the schools in The American are between 40 and 50 percent except for Memphis, who is at 36.71 percent.

In 2014-15, UConn’s subsidization was 38.9 percent of their budget.

Wichita State, who joined The American from the Missouri Valley on July 1, would have been last in revenue and expenses, but would have had the lowest subsidization of any school in the league at 25.69 percent. They were ranked 101st.

As for regional Power Five competition, Boston College does not have to release this data as a private school, which leaves Rutgers as the only close school. They broke even, making $83,974,159 in revenue, which was good enough for 40th on the list and 12th of the 13 Big Ten schools on the list, behind only Purdue (47th).

UMass is the only other public FBS college in New England and is very far down on the list compared to UConn. They took in $42,350,911 compared to $42,792,280, placing themselves 70th on the list. They also had 80.88 percent of their budget allocated, almost double UConn’s.