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Amida Brimah preparing for 2017 NBA Draft

The former Husky most recently wrapped up a workout with the Denver Nuggets and received a scouting report from Draft Express.

Ian Bethune/The UConn Blog

With the NBA Draft less than two weeks away, former UConn center Amida Brimah is working out for multiple teams with the hope of landing a roster spot either as a late draft pick or as an undrafted free agent.

After a strong performance in the Portsmouth Invitational in April, where the the 7-footer averaged over 12 points, five rebounds and two blocks, Brimah has been fine-tuning his skills with trainer Ross Burns. The Accra, Ghana native is using the time with Burns and other top players in the 2017 draft class to expand his skill set.

“We come here just to get better at all aspects of your game,” Brimah told DraftExpress’ Corey Porter. “Shooting wise, everything that you know were weak at you just get better at it here.”

So far, Brimah has worked out with the Los Angeles Lakers, Utah Jazz and Denver Nuggets. While Brimah isn’t necessarily a terror on the offensive end, his ability to block shots, run the floor and finish lobs off of pick and rolls will likely be enough to get a shot at making an NBA roster.

“All the teams are excited about how energetic I am. A lot of teams like how I can shoot and the kind of touch I have around the basket,” Brimah told DraftExpress. “I’m a great shot blocker, I’m a great defensive player, I talk a lot. I set great screens, I bring a lot to the table.”