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Live Video and Updates: AAC Baseball Tournament Game 4

The Huskies need a pair of wins in the semifinals over Houston to advance to their second-straight title game.

Ian Bethune

Coming off a thrilling comeback victory of Memphis yesterday, UConn faces off against Houston in the semifinals of the American Conference Tournament at 10 am.

The Cougars defeated the Huskies in the second game of the tournament, 7-6. UConn will need two victories over Houston to advance to the championship game, a tall task as the Huskies have just one win in four tries over the Cougars.

Mason Feole takes the bump for UConn.

Live Updates:

Top 1: Feole makes quick work of Houston in the first inning, setting them down in order.

Bottom 1: Toppa and Prato both make good contact but can’t find the gaps. UConn goes down 1-2-3 as well.

Top 2: Houston gets their first baserunner with a leadoff walk, but UConn quickly erases it with a double play.

Bottom 2: Still nothing doing for the Huskies. Cumbie has set the first six batters down in order.

Top 3: Feole cruising through three. He’s only faced nine batters and Houston is yet to make solid contact.

Bottom 3: Hill and Krueger both fly out to left and the Huskies are hitless through three.

Top 4: Houston scores first off an error from Aaron Hill at second. Feole escapes a bases loaded jam with just one run across. Cougars lead 1-0.

Bottom 4: UConn gets their first baserunner off a hit from Willy Yahn but the Huskies can’t capitalize.

Top 5: Houston pushes three runs across to take a 4-0 lead.

Mason Feole’s day is done as Jim Penders brings in Sam Nepiarski from the bullpen.

Corey Julks takes Nepiarski deep to push the Cougars’ lead to 6-0.

Bottom 5: LeFevre gets to second but UConn can’t get him home. Houston still leads 6-0.

Top 6: Nepiarski works around two leadoff baserunners to hold the Cougars lead at 6.

Bottom 6: UConn gets two runners on but can’t bring them home.

Top 7: Pitching change for UConn. Andrew Zapata comes in from Sam Nepiarski.

Houston scored two more on a single to increase the lead to 8-0.

Bottom 7: Once again, UConn goes down 1-2-3. Huskies running out of time to stay alive.

Top 8: Doug Domnarski into the game for Andrew Zapata.

Cougars get two men on but can’t capitalize. Their lead holds at 8-0.

Bottom 8: Cumbie’s day is done, but UConn still can’t hit the Houston reliever as they go down in order, again.

Top 9: The Houston lead grows to 9-0

Dan Rajkowski comes in for Holmes.

Rajkowski walks in another run and the Cougars have hit double-digits, 10-0.

A wild pitch brings allows another runner to score, 11-0.

Two more runs come home on a single, 13-0 Houston.

Bottom 9: Back-to-back hits from Anthony Prato and Willy Yahn give the Huskies runners on the corners with none out.

Prato scores from third on a wild pitch. UConn cuts into the lead, 13-1.

Feldstein reaches on an infield single and the Huskies once again have runners on the corner with nobody out.

Kenny Bergmann brings in Yahn on a RBI groundout. Houston lead down to 13-2.

Feldstein comes home on an error by the Houston shortstop, deficit down to 10.

FINAL: Houston defeats UConn, 13-3.

Live Stream: