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Recap: UConn Men’s Basketball Downed by Auburn, 89-64

The Tigers jumped out to an early lead and the Huskies buckled in a brutal road loss.

NCAA Basketball: Connecticut at Auburn Butch Dill-USA TODAY Sports

Grab your pitchforks, Husky fans. Two days after inspiring a small amount of hope that they may not be terrible in their first game after the finals break, UConn Men’s Basketball put up another complete stinker in a blowout loss to Auburn, 89-64.

There’s not much more to say. This caliber of performance is familiar. The same team that struggled to beat Columbia and Monmouth and had its hands full with Coppin State—a bottom-five Division 1 team this year—looked horribly discombobulated and poorly managed in a game that was never close.

At this point in the season, given everything that we have seen, it’s time to seriously question the leadership of this program and whether it’s in the right hands. Having a 7-5 record, while disappointing, is not necessarily the damning part. The way these 12 games have gone down, particularly the last seven, paint the picture of a team spiraling into a dark, dark place. This is not going to be an NCAA Tournament team, and it’s not even going to be a competitive team in the conference every Husky fan insists UConn is too good for.

Maybe Alterique Gilbert returning is the big difference that can buoy this sinking ship, but there’s no timeline for that happening, if it does happen at all, and there are clearly much bigger issues. The team can’t stay out of foul trouble, runs an impossibly incompetent offense marked by poor shot selection, is consistently getting outrebounded, gives up way too many easy looks, and makes unforced errors like they’re going out of style.

So with the offense bad, and the defense bad, in-game coaching a mess, and no visible improvements across the season, where does UConn go from here? Kevin Ollie’s seat is on fire, and rightfully so.

Happy holidays.