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UConn Football Early Signing Period Preview and Live Updates

A good chunk of UConn Football’s 2018 recruiting class will officially become Huskies over the next few days.

Ian Bethune - The UConn Blog

This is the first year college football is having an early signing period, running from December 20-22 for the class of 2018 high school recruits. Normally, recruits would be signing in February on one of college football’s time-honored traditions: National Signing Day. This time around, there will still be a signing day in February, but a lot of the drama will be gone as most schools appear to be signing the majority of their incoming class over these next two days. SB Nation recruiting guru Bud Elliot has a more in-depth explainer here.

UConn Football 2018 Verbal Commitments

UConn Huskies football head coach Randy Edsall and his staff currently have 21 players verbally committed to the Huskies, with at least 16 expected to sign tomorrow, possibly more. UConn will begin announcing the signees in the morning as their paperwork arrives and Edsall will be holding a press conference at noon. The press conference will be available for online streaming on Facebook Live via the UConn Football account.

2018 Live Signee Ticker

UConn Football 2018 Signee Profiles

DL Travis Jones

OL Dylan Niedrowski

RB Khyon Gillespie

LB Hunter Webb

QB Steven Krajewski

DB Shamel Lazarus

DB Oneil Robinson

DL Jonathan Pace

WR Heron Maurisseau-O’Neal

OL Peter Rooney

OL Noel Ofori-Nyadu

DL Lwal Ugauk

DB Malik Banks

DB Jeremy Lucien

LB Kevon Jones

WR Elijah Jeffreys

DB Jordan Morrison

DB Keyshawn Paul

DB Ryan Carroll