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UConn Huskies Athletics GIFcap: 11/19 - 11/25

NCAA Womens Basketball: Michigan State at Connecticut Jaime Valdez-USA TODAY Sports

With Thanksgiving this past weekend, this week’s GIFcap was a little delayed in getting out to you guys - sorry about that! You can count on it being ready for you every Monday from here on out. Also, in the essence of time, I had to skip GIFs for the Men’s Basketball game against Michigan State (highlights here if you’re interested) and the Football game against Cincinnati (highlights).

Without further ado, this week’s GIFcap!

Women’s Basketball vs. Maryland (W, 97-72)

When you’re beating the #15 team by less than 30 points:

Men’s Basketball vs. Boston University (W, 85-66)

With Alterique Gilbert at the 5 spot, UConn will be back to leading the country in blocks in no time.
Jalen Adams celebrates after hitting the three
#LargeDave hustle play number 1
Christian Vital wrestles away the ball from Boston University and gets the layup
Terry Larrier, Zonebuster
Tyler Polley showing the NFL-level skills he inherited from his dad.
Christian Vital with the beautiful drive and layup for two of his game-high 30 points
Alterique Gilbert finds Jalen Adams for the reverse layup.
#LargeDave hustle play number 2
Oh what could have been.
Kevin Ollie likes what he sees from Christian Vital.
Need more wins so we can get more Jalen Adams-Christian Vital postgame handshakes

Men’s Ice Hockey vs. Vermont (W, 4-1)

Women’s Basketball vs. UCLA (W, 78-60)

Geno using his left and right hand in the handshake line is about the most efficient thing I’ve seen all year:

Men’s Basketball vs. Oregon (W, 71-63)

It’s not often we see Kevin Ollie smile on the sideline.
See what I mean?
Even Jalen Adams doesn’t know how he does it sometimes.
Alterique Gilbert is going to be so good.
Christian Vital with the play of the season so far.
And Josh Carlton with the best reaction of the season so far.
Alterique Gilbert with the drive and dish to Antwoine Anderson for the dunk.

Men’s Ice Hockey vs. RIT (W, 2-1)

Women’s Basketball vs. Michigan State (W, 96-62)